Old Habits- A Class to Make a Change, Mt. Airy Learning Tree, 5/8-5/22

Do you have a habit that you would like to change? exercising more, eating differently, coming to everything 15 minutes late being snappy with your spouse This three week class can help you to make one small change in your life. In class we will learn about the stages of the change process thoughts that […]

4 Ways We Hurt or Help Our Relationships

Couples start their relationship conent but after time they may become frustrated and distant. If this is happening in your relationship you are probably worried and wonder what is causing it. Here are some possibilities. 1. When your partner is talking, you feel defensive. Instead of listening, you plan your reply. 2. You automatically interpret […]

6 Ways Support Groups Help Divorce

Through my own experience and as an individual therapist, I learned that most divorcing people have similar concerns. They worry; • This is a mistake • I’ll be alone forever • I am a failure Individual therapy is helpful in the case of a divorce. However, coping is much easier when surrounded by a supportive […]

Make Anxiety Useful

People evolve traits that maximize both survival and reproduction. So why did we evolve to feel anxious? The fight or flight response was more helpful when threats were physical. Now, most of us worry about things like finances, relationships, illness or our careers. If we fight, flee or freeze it makes the problem worse. The […]