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ruth_betterPeople contact me when they are going through a divorce, want to feel less anxious, or are interested in improving. My approach starts by helping you to discover the qualities that already help you to manage adversity.

From there we work together to help you find solutions through:

  • Finding motivation to make changes
  • Finding the thoughts and behaviors that leave you stuck
  • Identifying the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques that help
  • Developing self-compassion
  • Learning mindfulness

If this approach feels right for you, then please contact me for a complimentary phone consultation.

Therapy During a Divorce:

A divorce affects your ability to parent, finances, social life, and emotional equilibrium. It is a very difficult and painful decision. And yet, divorces are incredibly optimistic. They are letting go of a relationship that isn’t working and committing oneself to finding a happier life.

People worry; “This is a mistake,” “this will hurt my kids forever,” “I didn’t try hard enough,” “I’ll ruin my finances,” “I’ll lose all my assets,” or “I am a failure.”

Therapy can:

  • Support you in deciding if a divorce is a mistake or the best decision
  • Show you effective ways to support your children
  • Aid you in solving problems and finding resources
  • Assist you in seeing that you are not a failure
  • Help you reduce worries and increase feeling confident and competent

Approximately 43% of marriages end. An unhappy marriage can affect one’s health, emotions and ability to parent. Letting go can be sad, but it can also be a fresh start and the start towards a happier life.

Therapy for Couples:

When a couple comes to therapy, they are usually upset because they have intense and repeated arguments.  That can be very confusing and distressing, because often these couples love each other and have a lot of strengths. They want find a way to have less arguments and feel closer. So how does couples therapy help?

Couples counseling can help you:

  • Assess if the fights are about specific topics or a pattern of relating to each other
  • Determine if the fighting is due to stressors outside the relationship
  • Discover if the fighting is due to patterns from other romantic or family relationships
  • Have more productive and calm conversations about differences of opinion
  • Increase listening and empathy
  • Increase closeness and affection
  • Increase feeling trust

The path towards increasing happiness and closeness is different in every therapy process. Couples counseling helps couples that love each other but feel frustrated find skills that reduce arguments and feel closer.

Benefits of therapy for anxiety:

If you struggle with anxiety you are very frustrated. You know that anxiety affects events in your social life, relationships, or career and causes them to feel more difficult. When you are anxious, your fight or flight response causes you to fight, flee or freeze. But that just makes the situation harder.

Therapy for anxiety can help you:

  • Stop feeling worried all of the time
  • Identify when the anxiety is out of proportion to the situation
  • Identify when the anxiety fits the situation
  • Know what causes your anxiety
  • Learn skills to manage excessive and unproductive anxiety
  • Feel calmer and more relaxed

Therapy for anxiety is an incredibly rewarding process where you learn how to identify anxious thinking, prevent anxious thinking and increase calm thinking. It takes time and hard work to retrain your thinking but is incredibly rewarding.



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