Growth Solutions Counseling

ruth_betterPeople  contact me when they want to feel less anxious, improve their relationship or are going through a divorce.

My approach starts by helping you to discover the qualities that already help you to manage adversity.

From there we work together to help you find solutions through a combination of your existing coping skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness.

If this approach feels right for you, then please contact me for a complimentary phone consultation.

About Ruth Feinblum

What drew me to be a therapist was the desire to help people who felt stuck in some aspect of their lives. After many years in the field I chose to specialize in helping people struggling with anxiety, struggling with their relationship or coping with a divorce.

Personal Story

When I was age eight my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, after a remission, my mother passed away. No amount of therapy could make that experience easy or painless. But the support of our family therapist helped me cope with the loss.

Education and Work History

I have a Masters in Social Service from Bryn Mawr College and an undergraduate degree in Psychology. I hold a License in Clinical Social Work and a Post-Masters Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Bryn Mawr College. Prior to founding Growth Solutions Counseling, I worked in the public mental health system for seven years

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