4 Ways to Help Children of Divorce

Divorcing parents are very concerned for their children. Research shows that children of divorce parents can struggle with multiple problems. In the short term, most children of divorcing parents have a hard time. But parents can help prevent short and long term struggles. The divorce itself is not the problem. It is the stressful situations […]

3 Helpful Relationship Facts

1. Differences between partners are not always a cause of conflict. Partners can comfortably have different religious beliefs, social lives or approach to their careers. People can cope if both partners  appreciate their differences and treat them with respect.   2. Every couple has a few problems they don’t resolve. As long as both partners […]

4 Important Facts about Fights

1. It’s good to have some fights. Fights help to air differences and keep the relationship from being routine. What is important is that there are more positive and enjoyable moments times than conflicted ones. 2. Fights are more effective if couples have a matching or compatible fighting style. The researcher John Gottman PhD has […]

Replace “Should” Thoughts and Worry Less

    Does anyone remember the episode of “Sex and the City” in which Carrie wrote a column entitled “Why are we Should-ing all over ourselves?” I have referenced that episode hundreds of times in sessions with clients. Carrie said it perfectly. People continually tell themselves what they should be doing. They’ll think that they […]

5 Research Backed Habits to Make A Change

People often make an appointment with me because they feel stuck in one area of their life and they want to make a change. There is a lot of research on how people make changes in their behaviors and relationships, both on their own and with therapist’s help. After trying many different approaches stemming from […]