Concerned about your relationship?



Do you want to improve communication with your partner?

Do you want your partner to better understand your needs?

Do you and your partner manage life, careers or crises differently? Has this caused conflict?

Are your conflicts affecting your sex life or making it harder to enjoy each others company?

If you would like to improve your relationship, therapy can help.

When I work with couples I help them to improve communication. Couples become disconnected if they think that their partner doesn’t understand or respect their needs. Another source of friction is when each person has different styles of managing daily life or handling life’s struggles.

Therapy helps couples find ways to blend their styles of managing daily life or life’s upheavals. Therapy helps you both understand and meet each others needs. It helps each person clarify their values and supports a negotiation between those values. Therapy can support partners in finding effective communication that allows them to manage differences comfortably.

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